Sunday, September 14, 2008

26th Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday, but this weekend was my birthday party. I must say it was a good one.

Didn't really do much Friday other than work and run errands. Saturday afternoon was spent running more errands and looking for a new car for Krista. Saturday night we got Wolfes BBQ catering and had a bunch of people over for food and drinks.

In hindsight, it was kind of a monumental thing, because I don't think we had ever had that many people over at our house at one time. We've always been low on good friends in Denver, but Saturday we packed a wholloping 9 people (not including Krista and I) into our spacious house. Having a party that people showed up to and enjoyed themselves at was incredibly refreshing and it was probably one of moments in the last 6 years where Denver had felt the most homey.

After eating, we went bowling. Some more people came, we played a few games, and I drank everything that was handed to me. This later proved to be slightly poor judgement when a full stomach mixture of BBQ tofu, cupcakes, an assortment of beer, and Jim Beam was hastily evacuating my body in several violent hurls. This was followed by about 10 more minutes of trying to sneeze vomit out of my sinuses.

I don't remember cleaning up after myself or getting to bed, but I was able to and proceeded to keep Krista up for hours with voluminous, drunken snoring in what proved to be an impregnably deep sleep.

But, like clockwork, I woke up at 8:00 am unable to fall back to sleep. Much to my cohorts of Saturday nights bowling eventual surprise, I awoke refreshed and hangover free; further cementing the fact that I am impervious to hangovers.

Sunday morning I had my first practice with the new band I will be playing drums for until next summer. The band is called Cadillacula, fronted my old friend Chris Watts, whom I solely worked with while tattooing for the first 2 years at American Tattoo. It's a horror punk band who pretty much wears their onemain influence on their sleeve. I have no problem with this - I love the Misfits. I've been wanting to play in a punk band again for awhile. While I didn't really want to be the drummer, I have to take what I can get, and I'd rather it not be ideal so in a year when I potentially move out of Denver, I won't have a hard time walking away from it.

Practice was followed by enjoying my birthday present from Krista: tickets to the home opener game for the Broncos. We were in the nosebleed section, but had a good view of the field. Everyone was pumped about the game, not only because it was the first home game, but it was against the Chargers who have stolen the divisional title from us for a few years running, not to mention their pretty boy bitch of a QB got caught on camera talking shit to Jay Cutler (whom is my long lost twin brother).

Let me preface: Krista and I generally try to go to at least one pre season game per year, and then about 2 regular season games, give or take money and ticket availability. We have a tendancy to end up at the nail biters, and this one was no different. The Broncos took an early lead, dominating the first half. They let the Chargers catch up, and eventually take a 38-31 lead in the final 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. The Broncos were able to sneak in for a touchdown, and then, showing balls the size of watermelons, with only 25 seconds left in the game, Shanahan decides to go for the 2 point conversion rather than kicking a field goal and going to overtime.

You probably could have heard a pin drop when that ball left Cutlers hand. Maybe the adrenaline rushing through me made me temporarily go deaf, but I could swear the 76,000 people in attendence all shut up at once. Cutler connected to Eddie Royal, making the score 39-38 and winning the game. I nearly had a heart attack and Krista cried. I hate the Chargers and it was awesome to see the Broncos beat them after last season, even if it was a bit of a messy win.

Good birthday.

Also, I bought this shirt outside the stadium:

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