Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Old Pics

Found another online storage place that I had lots of old pictures stored in:

Krista and I in a photobooth, I can't remember where. Probably around 2006.

During the snowstorm of 2003, me, Krista, our roommate and his girlfriend build an 8 foot dick out of snow in the middle of the street while the roads were inaccessable.

"The Abortion Picture" that made waves in my first semester at photo school, 2002.

The first flash sheet I drew while tattooing full time.

Me and Krista's first pet - Tupac the hamster. RIP, 2002 - 2002.

Our second hamster, Hammie. He lived longer. Probably from 2002 - 2004. Both of his eyes literally exploded before he died, and the vet couldn't tell us why.

Our futon mattress floor bed we utilized for a year. Also, our old cat Selma.

My suspension, September 2003.

Right after my suspension (much less gory than you'd expect, no?)

I was skinny and British once.

Playing live with Jennifer. I had Leatherface painted on my bass drum but nobody could tell what it was.

Jennifer again, same show.

Every year Krista and I go pumpkin picking right before Halloween. This was a picture I took of her the first year we went.

While I was working on as a piercer, I did some big thing on the other piercer. He ended up bleeding alot.

The day Krista brought Salem home. Here he is trying to eat a hamster.

Photo I took of The Blood Brothers, 2002.

Our Halloween costumes, 2002.

Halloween, 2002 again. I actually wish I could pull this off day to day.

Another Jennifer picture. Colorado Springs, 2003.

My first time going into the high country, 2002.

My first real tattoo I did, on myself - 2003 or 2004. Currently awaiting cover up.

Playing dress up for The Monsters Of Mock show, 2002.

My friend Austin's dog, Maggie. I shot this with a toy camera, 2003.

Something I painted in 2002. It now belongs to Gerry.

My first cell phone, 2002. The thing was huge.

Photo I took of Coheed And Cambria, before they were huge.

The first car I ever bought, 2005.

Eventually, this is how I stretched my ears. 2002.

Another photo of The Blood Brothers, 2002.

A cool photo I took for school, 2004.

My Doyle impression. Colorado Springs, 2003.

90% of all band photos are bullshit. This one is no exception. Jennifer, 2003.

My first tattoo machine. Badass.

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