Friday, April 24, 2009

Format Change

In an effort to avoid large lulls of inactivity, I'm going to start making (semi) daily entries shorter in length in a more un-filtered, stream of consciousness type manner, rather than sinking large amounts of time into long winded ramblings. Though those may still appear, this will be more of a point form execution of thoughts, opinions, experiences and observations delivered according my current mood. The result, I believe will be a more accurate account of my time and place at that moment that I can later look back on.

So here goes...

I struggled to get up at 4:00 pm this afternoon after a draining night shift at Cherry Creek Mall (where the company I work for is replacing the sound system).

Arrived at school to take a test I was unprepared for, but due to the close proximity of summer break, didn't fucking care.

Though I cheated and looked at a neighbors test on a few questions, I managed to pull off a perfect score. If our grades actually mattered at all as to whether we passed, I'd be proud of my score or ashamed of my cheating, depending on the circumstance.
To kill time while waiting for when we're allowed to leave class, I did as I usually do - followed the bread crumbs of wikipedia articles reading on subjects and moving on according the links within each one. I tried to ignore the constant chuckles of the cro-magnon men who happen to be my classmates while they watched porn on a PSP six feet away.

I found myseld intensely reading GG Allin's biography and manifesto. This put me in a mood where I continued on to read about famous murderers, specifically Chapman and Berkowitz, which poured over into where I arrived back at work for the night and ignored my duties to read Wikipedia on my phone. Furthering my mood to intrude on eclectic personalities, I started listening to obscure black metal.

After that I wished I had a home recording setup so I could capture my own musical abilities in a strange diary fashion and hope it intrigued someone enough to want to analyze me and what I had to say.

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