Monday, May 11, 2009

Making punk happen

I just spent about two hours looking at the personal myspace pages of guys from punk bands I've idolized for years like some fucking fanboy.

Went to the Denver slot of the Napalm Death tour yesterday. Escaped the high door fee thanks to the charasmatic Ryan McKenney. Was able to spend a good chunk of time talking to him at the show. I ended up befriending him last year when Bosnia and Trap Them played together at the late Monkey Mania and I'm lucky enough to have kept in touch with him since. Another good example of punk idolization right there, though I suppose I've been able to lift myself from the ranks of "fanboy" to the esteemed "peer".

Trap Them killed it by the by, and despite opening the show to a dwindled crowed it was the highlight of the night after meatheads packed the floor during ND and crowded me into a spot where I could barely see the stage. About half the way through ND's set I said fuck it and left. I had literally been waiting to see them since I was 14, and now that the day finally came, I couldn't even enjoy them due to constantly being on gaurd from the greasy cavemen parading around the floor. I remember thinking "this is no way to watch a band" as I stood cramped behind a speaker. Every time this happens I'm reminded why I love small DIY shows so much.

After leaving, I got about a block and got pulled over for not using my turn signal to change lanes. The cop was nice enough to let me off without a ticket for the signal, but since I didn't have my insurance card with me, got a ticket for that. So now I have to go to court to contest that I had insurance. I'm sure it'll be cleared, but it's a nuisance (that was my fault).

I have some serious, non-fatal bad luck when it comes to being behind the wheel. I've never been in a bodily harm inducing accident, but it seems like whenever I drive I'm like a giant beacon for cops. I suppose it's my fault for putting myself in the situations, but still. At least I have the common sense to never risk driving when I'm drunk.

Oh...and I might buy a house tomorrow.

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