Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bosnia Review

I just found this review of 'Nazarene Hallucinations' online. I thought it was a very descriptive way of reviewing us...

Jasper: If you have just become a dad like me, dirt has a rather negative connotation. The house should be clean, poopy diapers thrown away, the little critter should be scrubbed like a maniac at least three times every week, even the dog should be raised better, because god forbid if that hairy rodent dares to slobber our little princess with his slime bucket...All this considered 'Nazarene Hallucinations' by the American dirtbags Bosnia was a huge shock for our little household. Because if there ever was a goddamn filthy rancid bunch of dirt clods, it is this crusty sludge band.

Think High On Fire, FaceDownInShit, Tragedy, and Buzzov-en, and raise the filth-factor by twenty. On 'Nazarene Hallucinations' all subtelties of more progressive sounding bands like Kylesa and Mastodon are left far behind and replaced by gallloping drums, hammering basses, and buzz-saw guitars. At times Bosnia sounds like the even hairier brother of Tragedy, while if they step on the brakes immediately the green smoke clouds of stoner sludge hell take all fresh air away. Like the last act at a squatter party, after which the whole place is torn to the ground and levelled. Sometimes a fan of sludge metal just wants to fucking sit back and enjoy some pretentiousless mayhem like Bosnia. This band does not need to entertain intellectuals, or storm the heavens with some Pink Floyd or King Crimson influences. Fuck that shit, as long as your little homestead is turned into a big pile of swine shit after this record stopped in its own filth. Oh well, a bit of vileness is good to build up some resistance for those little pests, not?

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