Thursday, April 29, 2010

Persist - 15 Songs

This was my first dabbling in "side projects" - Persist. I played guitar, drums and sang and Steve Mannette played bass and recorded on a rented 4-track. The whole thing was written and recorded in an afternoon in my bedroom at my parents house in 1997.

It's pretty hard to listen to as I was still cutting my teeth at song writing and playing instruments, but in hindsight it's not so bad. My pubescent vocal chords couldn't quite pull off the gutteral screaming I wanted, but it was a good effort. I'm surprised my drumming is as decent as it is seeing as how I was doing blast beats with a single pedal only about a year after starting drumming. Albeit, not very well, but still...the effort is there.

This was recorded and became absolutely nothing. I'm sure my copy is the only one that exist.

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