Monday, May 3, 2010

Mr. Bread (?)...

...or otherwise known as the Selwyn, Lachie, Lionel and Morgan project.

This was another sub-one off project, but which had more potential than 90% of all the bands I've ever been in.

I believe it was somewhere around 1997 or 1998 that it started. It was Selwyn Sharples on drums, Lionel Stanley and Lachlan MacDonald on guitar, and myself on bass. The plan was, that since all of us had alot of experience as frontmen, we would all sing and essentially lead the band at different times. It was Selwyn's brainchild as he wrote the skeleton of all the songs, but each of us added to our own parts.

What made things so difficult was that even though Selwyn lived in Halifax, Lachie still lived in Cape Breton, Lionel still in Charlottetown, and me (being 15/16 years old) still lived with my parents a half an hour outside of Halifax. Selwyn and I had brainstormed alot about the band - planning on breaking the mold of the average hardcore band at the time in many aspects (lyrically, musically, and how an audience would watch a band). Now saying that, it sounds awfully conceited, but that was the plan. I spent many evenings on his living room floor learning the songs so when Lachie and Lionel would come into town, we would be ready to go.

These four songs were the only output to exist out of the band. It was recorded on a boombox in the corner of the room at one of two practices we had with all of us there. It was recorded on a Saturday morning around 3 or 4 am (don't ask how I remember this) in the community practice space we had shared.

Stylistically, it's hard to classify. I-Spy was a big influence in the songs, but I think it ended up alot more melodic than that. We hadn't worked out vocals when this was recorded, so it's only instrumental, which is a shame. Following this, we played one show. At one of Ian Hart's basement shows at his parents house, we played our four songs, but only as a three piece - Lionel couldn't make it into town. After that, the idea dissolved and was never touched again.

We had never decided on a name, and I don't know how "Mr. Bread" was attached. I'm guessing that it was said during that one live show and was easier to say than "the Selwyn, Lachie, Morgan and Lionel band". It's a stupid name, but the only one anyone remembered us by, apparently.

This will be of little interest to anyone besides the band members and maybe a few people who saw that one-off show.

It's a real shame that nothing else happened with the band, because listening to these songs again, it's very creative and could have been something really special.

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