Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Mock Up

I just got my welder fixed via my buddy Timmy, and am finally at the point where I can begin the hardtailing process on my bike. I'm a novice welder at best, so my plan was to get it in place (it's a TC Bros hardtail), tack it, and then have someone with a TIG finish the welds since I'm not as confident in my welding yet.

Well, I got everything in place, did several tacks and did my first mock up this afternoon.

I was so high on the excitement of making progress with the bike (it's been sitting completely unassembled since late December) that I said fuck it, and started finishing the welding with my MIG. I think it went pretty well though. I got about 70% of all the welding done and began grinding late this afternoon.

The combination of the TCB hardtail and a peanut tank isn't the most original combination as far as Yamaha choppers go, but I'll be damned if it isn't beautiful simply because it's mine.

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