Sunday, May 22, 2011

Final Mock Up

Today I finally finished (well...probably 99% of) the fab work for my bike. This is a big time budget build, and I'm stingy. I mocked it all up and took some pics before I start tearing it down for finish welding and paint before I start reassembling.

Here's a couple of the things on here:

-Pipes are homemade from the TC Bros XS650 kit (some ugly welds, but they'll be wrapped anyway)
-Bars are homemade out of GRC electrical conduit
-Found the headlight at a garage sale
-Got the grips and throttle on sale for $15
-Electronics/fake oil tank is made from a piece of 4" electrical conduit
-Battery box was made out of scrap metal
-Tail light and license plate bracket is made from scrap, which I shaped with a hammer around an empty welding tank - the tail light was $7 from autozone
-Mids are made out of a couple passenger pegs given to me, and I cut down the original peg brackets to re-mount
-Tank is a new peanut/sporty replica from eBay for $70
-Hardtail by TC Bros

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