Monday, February 27, 2012


In the midst of rebuilding my bike. Here's the big mods I've done recently:

Shaved and polished upper and lower triple trees and bars (which I made)

Lowered front forks 2.75"

Welded on a plate so I could mount my seat further back and tighter to the fender. Also made and mounted new bungs for
seat mounting out 7/8" solid round stock.

Mini sissy bar/struts. Bent it with nothing more than a vice and all the lead in my ass. It will sit about an inch or so above the fender.

Remounted original peg mounts and welded on a piece of 3/4" EMT tubing as a pivot for the rear brake.

Built a new box to house the battery and all wiring and components. Made it roomy enough to not run out of room and be able to stash tools in if I had to. This will mount below the seat ala Harley oil tank. Made it put of 14g sheet metal. It ain't perfect but it's heavy duty.

New license plate/tail light mount. Just a piece of 14g sheet metal hand hammered for the curve, with a couple tabs bent and welded toount directly to the frame.

Paint is next.


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