Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Travel

Black Sleep Of Kali got back from Salt Lake City on Monday. We played a great show with Gaza and Invaders, and recorded a record with Andy Paterson. Taylor got sick and lost his voice, so we both held off on doing vocals. We'll finish them in Denver and send them to Andy through the power of technology.

Also, surprisingly, none of us died by the hands of another member.

Now, a day and a half after getting home, Krista and I are driving to the midwest for Thanksgiving. We'll be going to a family function, and then heading up to Milwaukee to scope out the city some more. The only shitty part of the rest of the week should be the shitty drive through the heartland. If god existed, Nebraska wouldn't.

Next week will bring about my first time performing with Cadillacula on Friday, December 5th at The Continental Club in Denver on Sante Fe Blvd.

This was all written from my phone. Technology, man.

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