Sunday, November 30, 2008

Travel finished

Got home tonight, ending my week of what seemed like not stopping moving. In the last seven days I've been in Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Colorado. Not too bad for not being in a touring band.

The midwest was nice. K and I went to a Thanksgiving thing at her grandpa's house, and made our becoming usual day trip to Milwaukee and Madison. Picked up the new D4, a Conquest For Death test press/tour LP, and the World Burns To Death "Human Meat...Tossed To The Dogs Of War" 7" on clear. It was a really quick trip, and we had to make the whole 13 hour drive back to Denver in one shot today. We caught the Broncos beating the Jets on AM radio though, so that was stupendous.

I've got a bunch of pics from the BSK trip to upload that I'll show on here. Plus some video once I get it all edited down into something watchable.

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