Friday, December 5, 2008

Flesh Made To Suffer/Nick Oxner

All of my copies off the Flesh Made To Suffer (band I sang for in 2001 & 2002) CD are scratched and unplayable, so I googled it to try to find mp3s online. The closest I found is below, in case you as well would like to hear:

Additionally, for those who didn't read my way too long band history, FMTS originally had a guitar player named Nick, who died in early 2002. I found a couple old links that I thought would be appropriate to post.

Here is a show review of the show we played just a few days after he died. It was the closest thing to a funeral/wake Nick got. Scroll to the entry on February 9th, 2002.

Here is a messageboard thing that was put up right after he died for people to put up goodbyes, memories, etc.

Now after reading all this, I am going to try to organize a reunion show for next year.

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