Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday tattooing

I tattooed my friend Randy last night. I lined and shaded a good sized (whole top of his forearm) cowboy themed piece. On top of paying me - even after I told him he didn't have to - he gave me a couple cigars and this:

I'm not a regular whiskey drinker, especially good whiskey, so I thought this was really cool. Note the wax dipped bottle neck.

I thought it was a really considerate thing for him to do and I really appreciated it, and it made me feel really satisfied since he really liked how his tattoo came out. I only really hang out with him when I tattoo him (like many friends) but I always end up wanting to spend more time with him. I'll add that to my new years resolution list.

Furthermore, tomorrow night is Krista's company holiday party. I, along with my adoring wife, and probably everybody else there will end up blotto, but rather than it being from my new bottle of whiskey, it'll be a result of the open bar at Maggiano's Little Italy.


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