Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hardcore Idols

I've given up on idolizing people (peers) in hardcore, but sometimes I can read some lyrics or an interview and really connect with someone. One of the names on that short list of people involved in hardcore I could say I still look up to is Mark McCoy - the former singer for bands like Charles Bronson, Holy Molar, and more recently The/Das Oath.

Whilst expelling feces this morning I found an old copy of HeartattaCk in the pile of magazines in the bathroom which had an interview with Das Oath. McCoy's answers were so riddled with wit and sarcasm it reinspired me on the subtle art of the written word. When asked about connecting to audiences, this was his response. I feel it put my perspective on the shallowness of hardcore quite eloquently:

I'm never connected to any audience. I'm no entertainer. If there's anything I can't stand its inclusive music because its loaded bullshit with anticipated reactions. I hate sing-alongs, addressing crowds, and group hugs from self-assuming know-it-all's. Everything's always got to be so fun. I'm tired of fun. I'd much rather have people walk away saying we're total bullshit because we played for eight minutes and didn't say thanks and are still touring on the same old crappy record no one likes (but with a new cover, of course).

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