Sunday, October 5, 2008

Snot Party

In the mid 90's I sang for a band called Snot Party (ten points if you can catch the Simpsons reference). We played short, stripped down thrash/punk with lyrics you could swear were written by a retarded 14 year old - wait, they were. Every show was a costume party, and the four of us often competed for who could compile the best and/or most offensive costume and perform the most outrageous onstage antics.

Some classic costumes included me wrapping my whole body in toilet paper Mummy style, Gerry covering his whole body in vasoline for our last show, me taping a 12 year old boy to my back for an entire set, and Lance completely stealing the bulldog mascot costume from our high school to wear.

This is a video from 1997 of us performing a hit number entitled "I'm A Butt Doctor". This was at the last show at Eastern Canada's premiere all ages club Cafe Ole - the night which marked the end of an era for punk rock in Halifax.

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